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Why get The Hopper with Dish Network in Scottsdale?

Dish Network now offers an even better option for your viewing pleasure in Scottsdale with the NEW Hopper with Sling. The Hopper was already the greatest whole home DVR but now with Built in Sling it is even better.

What is so great about Hopper with Sling technology?

Sling is Dish Network in Scottsdale’s most innovate technology ever.  It allows you to view your live TV and recorded DVR shows through an active internet connection.  Just hook your Hopper with Sling to the internet (either wired or the new  built in Wi-Fi connection capability), and watch from any desktop or laptop computer, iPad, or approved Tablet/Smartphone device.

New Dish Network  Tablet and Smartphone Apps Available in Scottsdale

Using the new Tablet and Smartphone apps you can directly transfer you recordings to your tablet.  The DISH Tranfers app allows you to connect to your Hopper with Sling and transfer your recordings for viewing away from home which is great for when you travel.  The DISH Anywhere app allows you to watch live television streamed from your receiver, access your personal DVR, watch thousands of on demand movies, plus schedule DVR recordings when you’re away from home.  DISH Explorer App allows you to enhance your TV viewing experience while sitting right in front of the TV.  The App can be used as a full remote control and provides the ability to interact with the complimentary show content.  This app is currently only available on iPad to Hopper and Hopper with Sling users.

Keep it Social with Dish Network in Scottsdale

Hopper with Sling brings you the best of both worlds- television and social media. It has a built-in social application that allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter while watching your favorite shows- including what you’re watching- and also interact with social media feeds relevant to your favorite programs!

Dish Offers Great Original Hopper Features

Everyone has lost their remote control a one time or another and with the Hopper Remote Control Locator you don’t have to worry about this.  You simply press a button on the receiver and your remote control will begin chirping so you can find it.  Also with SRS TruVolume you will have amazing sound.  Many TV shows and commercials are recorded at different volumes, but with this feature it is no longer annoying.  It sounds great with the Hopper.

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Scottsdale Dish Network Hopper

Learn More about the Hopper with Sling on dish.com.

More great features on the Hopper with Dish Network

Your Hopper can automatically download the entire primetime lineup from the four major networks and have them waiting for you on your DVR when you are ready to watch it.  Hopper also delivers the deepest search function available in the DVR world with the ability to search for programming by title, director, prominent actors, and a host of other variables so you can find your favorites at anytime.





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