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Reasons to get Dish Network over cable

When deciding on a television provider, many options are thrown your way. Cable is the option that many people consider if they are interested in a wide variety of channels and specific programming. But, your local cable provider might not be the most cost effective way to get your favorite shows, news, sports and other media.

Dish has better prices. All other factors being equal, you’re not going to want to pay more money for an equivalent service if you can get it more cheaply somewhere else. Cable programming is usually provided by a government-sponsored public system, and therefore has no competition. Dish Network, being private competes on the open market against other private providers which usually means costs stay low.

Dish is flexible. While cable subscribers often find themselves paying for hundreds of channels they never watch, Dish subscribers have options ranging from packages that cost as little as $19.99 per month all the way up to $100 per month. If you watch a lot, you can sign up to get a lot. If you don’t watch as much, get a pack that provides less and costs less.

Dish has more channels. Dish’s max number of channels is around 220, while cable companies are around 100 or so. So, if you’re looking for the maximum amount of viewing possible, the technical specifications of Dish and cable would mean that you’d choose Dish.

Dish has more sports programming. Many cable subscribers get the service because they are die-hard sports fans, only to find out that sports games are only pay-per-view, or worse, completely unavailable in their area. Dish broadcasts all major league sports games in the US, as well as college basketball and football games. Sports lovers will simply be more happy with Dish than anywhere else.

Matthew Boone

Matthew Boone

Matt has been running Walking Retailers since 2010. His goal is to provide the best customer experience for people looking for Dish Network Satellite TV service, DishNET internet, and Protection1 Home Security and Automation Systems.

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